Our aim is to save lives with as little environmental impact as possible

Deflamo AB is a specialty chemical company. We develop, produce and sell flame retardants that are highly effective while also being environmentally-friendly. 

Our flame retardants, with the brand name Apyrum, are sold to manufacturers and service providers throughout Europe. Apyrum is a patented, environmentally-friendly, and biodegradable flame retardant that is competitively priced for industrial use.

Today Deflamo cooperates with industrial companies that manufacture products made from plastic, paper, wood, and other materials for use in areas such as building construction, the automotive industry, and electronics etc., where stringent requirements exist in regard to fire protection and the environment, safety, and health. Apyrum replaces hazardous flame retardants containing, for example, bromide, antimony, boron, and phosphate esters, with substances that are not harmful to health and the environment.

Deflamo is a Swedish corporation that is listed on Nasdaq First North. It owns the patents for Apyrum’s environmentally-friendly flame retardant technology for Europe and part of Asia. One third of the global flame retardant market is encompassed within this area.

Deflamo’s operations include development, production, marketing, and sales.  Part of the core of the sales process involves technical project management, working together with customers to develop, evaluate, and optimize their manufacturing processes that are related to flame retardant technology.

The head office, warehouse, and laboratory are located in Malmö. Production is carried out in cooperation with well-known, established manufacturers.

Responsible care

DEFLAMO is a member of IKEM – Innovation and Chemical Industries in Sweden. IKEM also promotes the international environmental initiative Responsible Care (Ansvar & Omsorg in Sweden). The International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) establishes the core principles of the global charter.

The initiative is a manifest for the great responsibility that has been taken by the chemical industry for its work and products. DEFLAMO has pledged to work in accordance with the guidelines of Responsible Care.

The initiative is voluntary and aims at tackling issues such as safety, health, and the environment in a serious and professional manner.

Pledging to follow the guidelines set forth in to Responsible Care means, among other things that a company commits:

  • to work after a number of core principles 
  • to work for continuous improvement in safety, health, and the environment and
  • to openly communicate with others about the programme and progress that has 
    been made

Source: Innovations- och kemiindustrierna i Sverige;