Paper converting

Paper converters can use Apyrum as a flame retardant for paper. In liquid form Apyrum can be used in a coating or impregnating process to impregnate kraft paper for example. Apyrum then penetrates the fibres so that the paper increases somewhat in weight and becomes fire resistant. Different fire standards can be met depending on how much flame retardant is applied and the properties of the paper.

The application process

The most common and best method of application is to put Apyrum into a vat through which the path paper passes. All much the better if there is a set of rollers in the vat as well as a set rollers after the paper has moved through the vat allowing excess liquid to be returned to the vat. Depending on the process the paper is than glazed and dried. Alternative methods of application might also be coating, pressing, or spraying etc.

It is important to optimize the amount of flame retardant used since the balance between the active substance and material weight as well as it’s inherent fire properties are that which determines the result.

Choice of Apyrum products

The product that is used for industrial impregnation of paper is Apyrum BIO FR-CANVAS; a liquid product consisting of water and a water-soluble salt.

The amount of active substance is adapted through optimization to the material’s fire properties and to the degree of fire protection that is required.

The properties of Apyrum Liquid are:

  • Density: 1,4 g/ml
  • pH: 5,5 – 9 (our standard product has pH 7)
  • Viscosity: Approximately the same as water
  • Packaging for delivery: Cans 5 and 15 litres, drums 200 litres, IBC containers 1000 litres 

About Apyrum BIO-FR CANVAS

A liquid product based on Apyrum BIO-FR LIQUID, used for impregnation of fibrous and absorbent materials. The product has a very good ability to be absorbed by porous materials such as paper, wood, natural fibers and non-woven.

Environmentally friendly and boron free

Apyrum is an innovative flame retardant technology classified as harmless to humans and nature, and does not contain boron salts, boric acid or urea. Apyrum can both replace environmentally hazardous and harmful flame retardants and at the same time further improve fire protection.

Fire testing and paper properties

Apyrum withstand extremely stringent fire requirements. For example, UL-94 is achieved. This means that the paper is self-extinguishing as soon as you remove the flame.