Textiles and non-woven

Apyrum can be used with a great many textiles and non-wovens, where the most common method of application is to impregnate the material with flame retardant.

Apyrum is a water-soluble salt that crystallizes after application. This leads to an increase in weight of the material, and it becomes flame retarded. Those fibres for which fire retardation can be provided are cotton, polyester, wool, as well as a host of other natural and synthetic fibres. UL-94 is an example of a fire standard that can be met using Apyrum.

The application process

The most common method of application is to put the material through a bath of Apyrum and then press out the excess liquid using rollers. In those cases where surface protection is sufficient, it is suitable to spray Apyrum on the material.

It is important to optimize the amount of flame retardant used since the balance between the active substance and material weight as well as it’s inherent fire properties are that which determines the result.

Choice of Apyrum product

The choice of product to be used for the manufacturing of textiles and nonwovens varies depending on the material and area of use for the material. Apyrum Bio-FR CANVAS is often used; a liquid product consisting of water and Apyrum in the form of a water-soluble salt.

Apyrum can advantageously be mixed with a wide range of binders. It is worth pointing out that it is starch is a very favourable binder since it works in synergy with Apyrum.

The amount of active substance is adapted through optimization to the material’s fire properties and to the degree of fire protection that is required.

The properties of the product are:

  • Density: 1,4 g/ml  
  • pH: 5,5 – 9 (Our standard product has pH 7)  
  • Viscosity: Approximately the same as water  
  • Packaging for delivery: Cans 5 and 15 litres, drums 200 litres, IBC containers 1000 litres 

About Apyrum BIO-FR CANVAS

A liquid product based on Apyrum BIO-FR LIQUID, used for impregnation of fibrous and absorbent materials. The product has a very good ability to be absorbed by porous materials such as paper, wood, natural fibers and non-woven.

Environmentally friendly and boron free

Apyrum is an innovative flame retardant technology classified as harmless to humans and nature, and does not contain boron salts, boric acid or urea. Apyrum can both replace environmentally hazardous and harmful flame retardants and at the same time further improve fire protection.