High Performance
Eco Superior
Cost Efficient

A high performance flame retardant that is also environmentally-friendly. Does it exist?

Yes, finally it does. Apyrum is an effective and environmentally friendly flame retardant technology which can be integrated into the production processes of a wide range of materials. Let us explain. 

Apyrum is an environmentally-friendly system consisting primarily of carboxylates which form natural salts. All of the substances used in the production of Apyrum are additives that are approved and commonly used in the food industry.

Can be used in most materials

Apyrum can be used in most types of materials such as natural and synthetic fibres, polymers such as polyester, polyamides, PVC, polyurethane, bitumen, rubber, polyolefines, latex, cellulose-based material, PVAc, PVA and lacquer.  It can also be used in combination with other systems in order to provide additional flame retardant properties. Apyrum is used in industrial applications where flame retardants are usually found, for instance in construction material, furniture, paper, textiles and non-woven material, as well as in wood panels. The flame retardant is also used in the automotive and transportation industries, as well as the electronics industry, and is found in paint, varnishes, and adhesives.

Advantages and special attributes

In addition to being stable and highly durable, Apyrum fulfils the demands made on a high-performance flame retardant. Moreover, it possesses additional advantages that make the product even better:

  • Environmentally friendly throughout the product’s entire life cycle
  • High performance flame retardant properties such as self-extinguishing attributes,  reduced heat release, and improved smoke suppression
  • Provides flame retardant properties to a wide variety of materials
  • Cost effective

How Apyrum works

Apyrum is based on a technology that changes the physical and chemical processes that occur when a material is exposed to high temperature, e.g. fire. Apyrum interacts with a material’s physical as well as its chemical properties, both during application and heat exposure, in order to achieve an optimal balance between the fire, physical, and mechanical properties of the material. The Apyrum system focuses on the material physics of a material and the transfer of energy. By influencing the change between the physical states of a material, and thereby shortening the liquid and the gas phases, Apyrum can break the chain reaction, pyrolysis, which is a prerequisite for starting fire. Apyrum is an intumescent (char-building) flame retardant system that functions in many different ways depending on the state and properties of the treated material:

  • Endothermic reaction with effective thermal energy absorption
  • Intumescent/charring reaction which also counteracts the dripping of material in solid state
  • Creates char layer insulation preventing fuel from coming in contact with the heat source, blocking oxygen.
  • Smoke suppressant