We support you throughout the entire technology shift

Deflamo has a close cooperation with you as a customer from day one, assisting with whatever support needed in order to carry out a successful shift in technology. In our own first-class laboratory, we can for example test how well Apyrum protects different materials against fire.

In order to be competitive on the flame retardant market, it’s not enough to have eco-friendly products that are as good or better than the alternatives which dominate the market. It also requires having the capacity to develop materials quickly for use in production.

Deflamo has a first-class laboratory that enables it to test how well Apyrum protects different materials against fire and also measure the combustibility of a material.

“With our analytical and laboratory equipment, we can, in close cooperation with our customers, do easier, faster and more accurately optimized formulations in various applications with Apyrum and in that way help them to right performances and right costs. The investment in our new cone calorimeter and lab rolling mill, in addition to our existing lab equipment, gives Deflamo potential to substantially shorten implementation times for new projects.”
– Per-Erik Velin, CEO Deflamo AB (publ)

There are many different test standards available. The ones we currently offer have been developed in various customer projects. If the specific test you need is not currently available, we can discuss the possibilities of setting up the test you need.

Deflamo’s own equipment means that our customers do not have to engage external laboratories in order to have their material tested, something that otherwise takes a long time and makes it more difficult to produce material that is ready for production.

Furthermore, the new laboratory two roll mill makes it possible for Deflamo, by itself, to produce different forms of plastic material which can be used for the in-house testing of Apyrum. This means that both internal development work and customer projects can be completed faster.

  • Close cooperation with the customer throughout the entire sales cycle
  • Together, the goal is always to achieve an optimal combination of performance and cost
  • Access to our fire testing equipment makes it possible for our customers to be guaranteed optimal TCF (Total Cost of Formulation) prior to certification.
  • Signifies reduced costs and development times that have been drastically shortened