Board of Directors

Deflamo’s Board of Directors consists of six (6) members, one of which has been with Deflamo since it was founded. The other members have well-documented experience in finance and business development.  All of the board members have either current or previous experience from companies that have been listed on a stock exchange. While one of the board members is actively  involved in the company, the other five are independent members. We believe that the board is very competent in leading Deflamo’s future expansion.

Torbjörn Lindgren

Born 1964, Chairman of the board since 2017

Short summary

Torbjörn Lindgren has worked in the chemical industry since 1988. He sold his company Lahega Kemi AB 2016, but is the new company’s third largest owner and works as the company’s chairman. The new group is listed on First North. Torbjörn has worked as Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, President and Chairman of Lahega, and has a broad knowledge of the market-leading manufacturer of chemical-technical supplies to vehicle-related customers in the Nordic market. Torbjörn is computer engineer and marketing economist with an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics. Torbjörn Lindgren is an investor in a number of start-up companies and is a member of the board of Plotagon AB and Scout Gaming Group. He is also Chairman of the Moodelizer, The Tower of Babel, A Great Day, Invono And NC Lahega.

Fredrik WestinFreddrik Westin

Born 1965, member of the board since 2004

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Fredrik Westin founded Deflamo AB and was until 2014 the CEO of Deflamo. Since February 2014 Fredrik holds the position as CTO. Previously, from 2001 – 2004, Fredrik was a Managing Director of Axxino AB, a company that offers consulting services for business development and entrepreneurship. Fredrik holds extensive experience from managing growth companies, as well as founding new businesses in Sweden and Europe. Westin is a board member of the industrial branch association, Nordic  Fire-retarded Wood, and has studied business economics, business
law, and national economics at Uppsala University and Stockholm’s University.

Jan BlomquistJan Blomquist

Born 1966, member of the board since 2014

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Jan Blomquist is currently a director in Jan Blomquist AB. He has previously been a member of the board at Aerodyn AB, OSS advertising agency and Lateo AB. Jan Blomquist has since 2004 worked with investments and raising capital in various listed companies and projects. Previously, he was a partner at HQ Bank AB. Jan Blomquist is a trained economist and mathematician at the University of Stockholm.

Åsa HansdotterÅsa Hansdotter

Born 1974, member of the board since 2014

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Åsa is a lawyer and partner at Mannheimer Swartling. Åsa is particularly active within corporate and securities law as well as managing current general business law matters for listed and unlisted companies. She also has extensive experience of Swedish and international mergers and acquisitions. During the years 2009-2011 Åsa was based in Russia. Today she is based at the firm’s offices in Helsingborg. Åsa is a member of the board at Proventus Capital Management AB.

Eric Appelman

Born 1964, member of the board since 2016

Short summary

Eric Appelman has a background in chemical engineering, but spent most of his time at the interface of technology and business. He started with Unilever in 1989 in processing of edible oils, then moved to Unilever’s affiliate Unichema, later namned Uniqema as ICI’s affiliate, where he worked in development and technical sales roles towards a diverse customer base including lubricants, coatings, adhesives, surfactants, paper, detergents and  food. In 2004 he became technical director of Sigma Kalon’s Marine & Protective Coatings business (now part of PPG).
In 2008 he became Executive Vice President at Swedish chemical company Perstorp AB
responsible for Innovation and Strategy. Eric is of Dutch nationality.