With Deflamos Cone calorimeter advanced laboratory tests can be made to determine a materials reaction to fire and smoke emissions, in accordance with EN 5660-­‐1 and other standards. Parameters as ignitability, combustibility and smoke production can be determined with very high accuracy.

Indication how to improve your material

In accordance with En 5660-­‐1

Fast, safe, accurate and quantitative results

Material properties
Analyse ignitability, heat release and smoke generation

It is named after the conical shaped heat source which provides heat up to 100 kW/m2.

The Cone Calorimeter measures the amount of heat a specimen gives when heated by a set amount of power (radiation heat).

Smoke generation is measured in the exhaust hood and the software gives specific results of amount of smoke generated.

The test specimen has a dimension of 100 x 100 mm with a minimum thickness of 1 mm.

Different materials can be tested. Building products, automotive components, furnitures, marine products, wall coverings, floors are just a few examples.

Test report with Cone-tools

Following parameters are examples which can be determined:

  • Time to ignition (s)
  • Maximum heat release (kW/m2)
  • Total heat release (MJ/m2)
  • Mass loss (g/s)
  • Effective combustion heat (MJ/kg)
  • Average smoke production (m2/s)
  • Smoke production rate (SPR m²/s)