About Deflamo

Deflamo creates high performance environmentally friendly flame retardant materials and commercializes flame retardant products and associated services. We not only supply market changing R&D services but also manufacture flame retardants and use the Apyrum trademark for our own products.

Our flame retardant technology is unique and harmless to the environment and is also biodegradable, which is unique. We provide development services and fire testing and participate in research and development of new materials, chemicals, processes and products. The technology is patented and the development of IPR is ongoing.

Deflamo offers:

  • Apyrum flame retardants for industrial and service companies who want good flame retardancy and best environmental performance (environmentally friendly, biodegradable)
  • R & D services for project management, product development and testing of materials and products
  • Licensing products and rights regarding our technology for applications, markets and manufacturing
  • Development and commercialization of new flame retardant products and rights in cooperation with companies, institutes and companies. The projects are funded.

Deflamo AB is a public Swedish limited company with more than 1,000 shareholders. Headquarters, warehouses and laboratories are located in Karlshamn. Manufacturing is done in cooperation with established and recognized manufacturers as well as in Karlshamn.

Deflamos B share is listed on Nasdaq First north.