Apyrum powder or water solution

Apyrum is available for commercial use as a Powder and a water solution. They are based on the Apyrum technology but are designed for use in different materials and processes and targets different applications and fire standards requirements.

Apyrum Powder

Apyrum Powder is a fine powder that is added to polymeric materials suspensions where water is not desired. The product comes in different variations that are adapted to different substrates. In order to meet the needs of each individual application, the properties of Apyrum can be varied with regards to particle size, dryness, thermal energy absorbency, and barrier properties.

  • Currently Apyrum 1002.12 Powder is commercially available and is developed to be used as a additive in plasticized PVC, Vinyls and similar materials.

Apyrum Liquid

A water-based flame retardant that is used for impregnation of natural and mixed fibres and materials but could also be mixed in water based suspensions and solutions under certain circumstances.  The product comes in three different versions:

  • Apyrum 201 Liquid is a standard / all-round flame retardant that has a high solubility and is available in a concentration as high as 50%. It produces an extreme char formation and gives a efficient flame retardancy in most natural materials. It is hygroscopic at high loads (amount of flame retardant in the material) that could make the material to seem a bit moist.
  • Apyrum 201 WA Liquid is produced with the same active substance as Apyrum 201 Liquid but with a wetting agent added to improve penetration during impregnation. It is often evident that the fire retardant is more efficient and other material properties are improved if the active substance is deeper and finer inside the substrate.
  • Apyrum 101 Liquid is a version that has a different active substance that has been specifically developed to be used in hemp, flax and wool and similar materials. It has a lower solubility compared with Apyrum 201 and is therefore only available in concentration of 25%. Apyrum 101 has not as strong charr formation and is less hygroscopic.