A flame retardant with many applications

Deflamo carries out ongoing research and development both on its own as well as together with other companies and customers. The result of these endeavours is that new Apyrum applications are continuously being added.

In addition to the commercial applications that exist today, we are working on the development of several different materials and applications. This development work takes place in cooperation between Deflamo and companies that have a commercial need for flame retardants and who are extremely knowledgeable about the product, process, and commercial requirements of the product and it’s market.

We have experience from developing the following materials and applications

  • Polyurethane foam for furniture and insulation etc.
  • Polyamide – Construction materials
  • Latex – Carpet latex, binders
  • Epoxy – Flooring and construction epoxy
  • Wood Fibre Composites – plastic parts
  • Cellulose insulation – building insulation
  • Adhesives and varnishes
  • Natural fibre materials
  • Etc.

Deflamo represents unique knowledge of flame retardant technology and material development with regards to fire properties and testing.

Please contact us for more information concerning the flame retardation of your product, specific application, or material – we are happy to assist with an evaluation to see if Apyrum can be used with your product and process.