Natural fibres and composites

Most natural fibres and natural fibre composites can be flame retarded with Apyrum. Example of materials that can be treated is wood fibre and wood flour, Cork flour, hemp, flax and animal fibres such as wool.

Apyrum is used in liquid form during the production of the fibres through an impregnation process. The fibre are often a good carrier of the flame retardant in to composites.

Different fire classes can be met depending on how much flame retardant is applied and taking into consideration the other properties of the fibre.

Mixing and application process

The most common and best method of application is to impregnate the fibre through a impregnation process that takes place prior to drying and forming. The fibre should absorb Apyrum, which should be well-dispersed throughout the fibre. An even dispersion can be attained by regulating the amount of water used. The fibres properties and the process must be adjusted to different products.

The amount of active substance is important as the balance between the active substance, amount of fibre, as well as the density of the fibre and it’s inherent fire properties are that which determines the result.

Expected results & properties

  • Material that has been fire retardant with Apyrum can meet for example Euroclass Bs2D0 and the french standard NFP 92503, M2.
  • Further example is EN 13501 Class B / C
  • Low smoke release
  • Little impact on physical and mechanical properties
  • Outstanding environmental performance

Choice of Apyrum product

There are several alternative Apyrum products that could be used depending on fibre and end product.  It is most probably a liquid product consisting of water and Apyrum in the form of a water-soluble salt.

The amount of active substance is adapted through optimization to the material’s fire properties and to the degree of fire protection that is required. We have different variations of Apyrum that are suited to different fibre and composites, and processes.

The different versions of Apyrum that can be used is: