2004 March: Deflamo is established on the initiative of Fredrik Westin together with other majority shareholders. The company is registered as DEFLAMO in June 2004.

2004 June: Deflamo and the Trulstech Group sign a licensing agreement for the Nordic markets.

2005 April: The licensing agreement between Deflamo and the Trulstech Group is amended; Deflamo’s licensing territory is expanded to include 34 countries.

2005 June: The registered trademark Apyrum is developed so that it also includes powder, an important step in development since this means that Apyrum can now work in plastic.

2008 January:  Deflamo is converted into a public corporation, and the stock is listed on Nordic Growth Market, Nordic MTF.

2008 April: Deflamo experiences a significant technical breakthrough when the Company and a major consumer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), develop a new variation of Apyrum that can be used in plastic.

2008 November: Deflamo switches listing to AktieTorget. Trading with the Company’s B shares commences on 24 November 2008.

2009 May: Deflamo is nominated for the Globe Forum Sustainability Innovation Award.

2010 June: Deflamo moves to a new office in Veddesta outside Stockholm and starts to develop its own R&D lab, an important step in the process of becoming a global leader in the development and production of flame retardant.

2011 June: Apyrum meets the fire protection criteria for Euroclass Bs1d0 and M1 in soft PVC plastic.

2011 July: Deflamo purchases the Apyrum patent for all of Europe and part of Asia. The Company intensifies its cooperation with Biomimetic Technology Ltd.

2011 November: Apyrum has the best results in the UK’s REDFR-development project, the goal of which was to provide flame retardation for recycled textiles/fibres.

2012 October: Deflamo develops a flame retardant that can be used in polyurethane foam.

2013 March: Apyrum wins a gold medal at IFIA 2013 (International Federation of Inventors Association).

2013 September:  Successful new share issue that brings to the Company an addition of new, strong owners and more than 17 million crowns; the purpose of the new share issue is to transform Deflamo from a development company into a sales driven company.

2014: The commercialization and internationalization starts in earnest through the recruitment of sales and technology resources.

2014 August: The company moves to Malmö.

2015 May: Deflamo switches listing to Nasdaq First North. Trading with the Company’s B shares commences on May 8, 2015.

2016 february: New patentets filed to Swedish patent office. Patent for process “A novel process for the manufacturing of fire suppressants” and patent for product “A novel fire retarded polymer formulation concept”.

2016 march: Rights share issue of 20 MSEK to finalize pilot plant line and add cash for operations. Oversubscribed by 14 procent.

2017 august: Patent granted for ”product patent”

2017 may: Patent granted for ”process patent”

2017 june: New rights issue added 15,7 MSEK to the company. The issue was not fully subscribed and also included high capital costs.

2017 Aug: Company activates an radical savings plan and a new strategy. Company moves to Karlshamn. Fredrik Westin is appointed as managing director in September.