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2016-03-03T11:03:37 CET: English
pdf-file: New patent applications

Malmö March 3, 2016

Prior to the construction of a new production line in Karlshamn, Sweden, the Company has developed a new production process which is different from the method being used today. The new process is expected to give the Company significant cost advantages in terms of strongly improved margins and an improved product quality. The new production method will result in a more pure product, a higher content of active substance and a more narrow and homogeneous particle size distribution. The patent application includes also a method to produce nanocrystals and complex crystals of different substances and particles.

The patent application has the title: A novel process for the manufacturing of fire suppressants

In addition to the above mentioned, the Company has also submitted a new patent application for a new product formulation. The product patent is a development based on R&D work by Deflamo in the area of plastics and in particular plasticized PVC and its fire protective characteristics. The patent includes PVC as well as other plastics and is related to the fire retardant chemistry and physical properties and interactions with the plastic product and the method of incorporating Apyrum in the polymer matrix.


The patent application has the title: A novel fire retarded polymer formulation concept.

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Per-Erik Velin, CEO, Deflamo AB (publ)
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About Deflamo

Deflamo is a specialty chemicals company that develops, produces and sells environmentally superior flame retardants under the product name Apyrum. The products are environmentally friendly alternatives to hazardous flame retardants containing for example; bromine, chlorine, and antimony, substances that are harmful to the environment, for human and for nature health. With Apyrum the customers get:

– Superior environmental properties
– Competitive price and performance ratio, even compared to traditional flame retardants
– Access to Deflamo’s application knowledge and testing capabilities, which helps them to reduce their development costs and time-to-market

The company is focused on replacing conventional flame retardants in plastics and other polymer materials, but also collaborates with customers in several different areas such as paper, wood and textiles in application development. A central part of Deflamo’s offer is to help customers with the formulation, testing and implementation of flame retardant products with Apyrum. This helps customers to develop new products with environmentally friendly profile, both cheaper and faster.

Deflamo AB is a Swedish public company that is listed on Nasdaq First North. Avanza is the company’s Certified Adviser.

pdf-file: New patent applications