Apyrum powder or water solution

The versatility of the Apyrum technology allows Apyrum to be tailored to our customers’ unique applications. This way, our flame retardant can work well with a wide range of materials and in different processes.

Apyrum Powders

Apyrum Powder is a fine-particles powder that is added to polymeric materials and other applications where water is not desired. The product comes in different variations   that are adapted to different polymers. In order to meet the needs of each individual application, the properties of Apyrum can be varied with regards to particle size, dryness, thermal energy absorbency, and barrier properties.

Apyrum Liquids

A water-based flame retardant that is used for impregnating and mixing with water-soluble products such as glue and suspensions. The product comes in three different concentrations.

Product Information