Deflamo is proving services related to product and material development and characterisation. Our customers are companies that are currently developing products with controlled fire properties. Many of our services is related to projects were Apyrum is a part, but we also do other projects and testing.

Available methods and resources

  • R&D project management and participation with knowledge and resources
  • Own specialists and a network of specialist and R&D service providers
  • Product design strategy related to material and process and fire
  • Process development
  • Fire standards, EHS regulations
  • Fire testing lab for product development
  • Fire testing iCone, Small burning flame, Flame spread, Laboratory fire testing behaviour. Specific competence in material development. (not accredited certification testing)
  • Laboratory test, wet and powder testing
  • Workshop with
  • Pilot production capacities and small series production. Water based reactors 1000 litres. Jacked reactor. Tube reactor for micro crystallisation. Ribbon Powder mixer, Wet/Dry Nauta mixer/dryer. Packing and filling of small series