Apyrum 1002.12 Powder

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Apyrum 1002.12 powder additive for polymeric materials



Apyrum 1002.12 is a white salt. It is an environmentally-friendly flame retardant additive that consists mainly of natural carboxylic acid salts.

The flame retardant Apyrum 1002.12 is an additive for polymeric materials and other applications where water is not desired, that will modify the fire properties of the material.

Apyrum Powder is a fine-particles powder with flame retardant properties such as smoke reduction, reduction in acidity of the residue, reduction in heat release, and self-extinguishing attributes. At the same time environmentally friendly during its entire life cycle.

Apyrum 1002.12 can be used in many different industrial applications such as building and construction materials, furniture, films, and cables. Apyrum 1002.12 has shown synergistic effects with some mineral fillers, phosphate ester plasticizers, ATH and other compounds, making it even more cost efficient.

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